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what is  The Shillong Teer Targets

Page history last edited by Riaan Roy 8 months, 4 weeks ago

We have to find the target number daily for increasing the chances of our success in this game. The Shillong teer target and its direct with house number are well detailed in another page. These teer targets are being daily changed with the final tir decision accordingly.


Some people compare Shillong archery’s performance with many other teer games in India. But one thing you should know that all are similar games and have common traits. Hence anyone who can score in Shillong archery is also able to play anywhere in India.




But still some people believe that they are little different with each other. In short, there is no comparison in terms of performance effect. The only difference is in their time-slots. To identify the today’s Shillong teer result for today number,


However we can’t assure the future targets. Even no one can tell the exact Shillong teer result for today, tomorrow or any-day. It will all depend how the players going to perform in the game event. The only way to improve the performance of the Shillong hit number for today is hard-work. The more you dedicate yourself towards the game the more better you will score.


The Shillong Teer 100 FR & SR are searched and asked by many users. Mostly the people who are looking for the final teer judgments online are curious for the 100 FR of shillong khela


Also see the other teer game results:

Other than Meghalaya archery result, we have these also covered here. Do check these too:


  • ·         Khanapara Teer Result
  • ·         Juwai Teer Result



In the end, now when you understand the various concepts of this game. The Shillong teer result which is provided here on daily basis along with its necessary details. By doing enough practice before the game starts, you can be 99% sure about your performance. Also don’t forget to check the Shillong teer common number too.


Therefore now there should not be any confusion regarding Shillong teer number for today. These nos. are the strike figures on the provided target. The entire game is operated by Govt. of Meghalaya and it is well managed.


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